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To Scheer’s Students & Parents,
Thank you for your continued support and patience as we get closer to finally reopening our facility.  As we were originally slated to reopen in Phase 4, it was announced that aspects of our facility and programs would fall under Phase 3, allowing specific aspects of our training to recommence June 8th.  This is great news, and we have been working diligently to ensure safety guidelines and restrictions will be met when we open the doors. Unfortunately our reopening date will be a little later than June 8th as we navigate the evolving guidelines allowing for our students to safely enjoy as many programs as we can recommence as possible.
One of our biggest hurdles will be booking classes and traffic flow between Scheer’s, RITMO, Rhythms Dance and Sadoway S&C students.  It is so important that everyone is entering, exiting and moving through the building safely while maintaining and respecting social distancing.  Anyone who has been out in public, we are sure you have witnessed individual businesses’ way of approaching these restrictions which can be very confusing and frustrating.  We must respect individual's sensitivity, space and health with the current situation.  If this is done, we should still be able to get some great workouts in and burn some of that unwanted negative energy!! 
Self-Evaluation:  If you are showing any signs of illness or have been in contact with someone exhibiting symptoms or being investigated for COVID-19, we ask that you do not attend.  If you're feeling great we look forward to seeing you on the mats, so book your sessions!
Book Your Class:  Your classes will have to be booked prior to attending the facility to avoid overflow and students being turned away.
Class schedule: A modified class schedule will be posted when we make our opening date announcement.  This modified schedule will not include all regular classes as many are still restricted.  We will still have multiple classes to book to accommodate the size of our student body. We will start off slowly and try to build our programming as restrictions are lifted.
Traffic Flow:  Upon arrival, you may enter through our main entrance.  We will monitor the flow and have students line up outside and proceed inside slowly in order for reception to mark your attendance and direct you where to go.  Students will be required to bring a bag for their shoes.  When class has finished, you must exit via the east side door of the building.  Unfortunately you may not stay in the building to visit with friends once class is completed.
Spectators/Parents:  The facility has restricted its capacitytherefore there will be no viewing of classes; members must be dropped off and picked up.  For our proposed Youth sessions, our instructors and staff will be there to help the younger ones make their way to their respective training areas.
Class Size:  Each training space will be operating by the guideline established by Saskatchewan Health – i.e. Kickboxing classes will hold a maximum of 10 students per class, depending on the studio used.  We will be running 2 classes per time slot to help accommodate our student body.
Class Duration & Flow:  Classes will be 60 min with 30 min in between to allow time to clean and sanitize work stations and exit the facility before the next group arrives. 
Cleanliness & Hygiene:  Good personal hygiene and clean training clothes are mandatory.  Students will be required to clean their training area.  Cleaning supplies and sanitizer will be available throughout the facility, but bringing your own personal sanitizer bottle will help to avoid congested traffic zones.
Masks:  Masks are optional at this time.
Equipment:   We ask students to lighten their training bags for Kickboxing classes as you only need boxing gloves, towel, personal hand sanitizer, wipes and plastic bag for footwear.  
Bathroom Facilities:   Bathrooms will be limited to 1 person at a time. We have 4 bathrooms in the facility; 2 men & 2 women.
Change Rooms:   Students must attend the facility in training attire as change rooms are closed.  If this is an issue, you may use one of the bathrooms.
Weight Lifting Area:   As mentioned above, you must book a time to train.  You will be responsible for cleaning all equipment you used in your session.
What about Jiu Jitsu?  Well troops, unfortunately the guidelines do not allow for the type classes we would run for our regular BJJ classes as there would be close contact with multiple students.  However, we will allow individuals of the same household to train in an open mat format in designated areas.  A coach will set drills, monitor and give advice all while social distancing.  The time slots will have to be booked in advance and students are to clean their training area before exiting the mats.
But what about me training with people that are in my bubble, we can do that right!?  Scheer’s is making a special inquiry, but at this time will offer group training to same household families only.  If things are run smoothly and we believe people will be respectful of all guidelines, we would look at opening this option.  But for now, the answer would be NO as we cannot know how many bubbles you have in your network and we do not want to be policing our students.  We appreciate your understanding and will do our best to get this in order, but have to do things 1 step at a time.  Those solo individuals can choose to swap their BJJ classes for Kickboxing until we have further movement and feedback from the government on this issue.
If I have 2 or more children in the Youth BJJ program can they attend the adult BJJ sessions?  Adults will have a first priority, this includes older teens who currently attend adult classes.  If spots are available, we will explore mature youths as focus and attentiveness to rules and guidelines would be a must.
Can we hit pads in the open mat session?   Not at this time as the open mat sessions would be primarily for the BJJ students who are training with a family member.  Striking will be limited to the larger mat areas and this element will be addressed at a later date.
Youth Programs:  Due to this being the end of our regular Youth season, and with all current restrictions, it would be difficult to keep the children focused and maintaining social distancing.  We propose the following and would appreciate some feedback from the parents.  We would like to offer various day camps that allow smaller manageable groups that would involve a little bit of everything in a 45 min session per class.  Striking, strength and conditioning and life lessons would all be involved and social distancing will be enforced.   Individuals enrolled in the Youth BJJ, MMA and martial arts program would all be invited.  If you have maintained the child’s membership throughout our facility closure, there would not be any cost for the student and your credited months come Fall will still be credited as long as fees are up to date. 
All of the above is a lot to consider. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, we would like to hear from you as it may help with us making our transition to re-open the facility. You can email, Facebook message or call and we will do our best to address your inquiry.
Overall, in the short term, Scheer’s will not be the same environment that we all love and miss, but we are moving in a positive direction.  I feel we will be back to normal in no time at all if everyone is patient and follows the guidelines.
Looking forward to seeing you all back on the mats!!
Troy Scheer



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